Emerging trends in Workforce Management

HR Tech Outlook APAC | Thursday, April 04, 2019

workforce management trendsIt is no surprise that HR managers keep on refining and reinforcing their strategies around engaging, hiring, and retaining the employees. Apart from this, large workforce management will also include task scheduling, communications, compensation, benefits, and other vital areas. To cover-up these entire aspects successfully, HR managers have the potential to manage employee requirements and highly dynamic workforce, which are always in flux.

Here are some emerging trends in workforce management that one should observe to create future-focused and impactful HR strategies.

• Collaborative workplace

For any modern business, workplace communication is the key focus area. Being the HR manager, one should encourage the conversation in the workplace and inspire a shared approach, rather than insisting on quite a workplace.

• Employee Engagement

The HR conversation always revolved around employee involvement, morale, engagement, and interest. Presently, many businesses have realised that employee engagement can directly bring a massive impact on their bottom line. High level of employee engagement implies lower absenteeism, fewer sick days, reduction in voluntary turnover and ultimately it turns into higher productivity.

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• Incorporating self-service modules

In this mobile work environment, employees always require minimal protocols and maximum convenience around scheduling. Most companies are still employing physical work schedule and manual attendance tool. It can make employee dissatisfaction. Hence, HR managers are compelled to adopt UX-friendly and easy to use self-service platforms to bring employee satisfaction.

• AI and ML-Works behind the scene

In 2018, a massive explosion had witnessed with AI and ML-based software in HR space. These technologies are responsible for generating insights by learning huge amounts of incoming data from recruitment to personalisation. And in 2019, AI and ML will be supporting large chunks of workforce management tasks.

The workforce management should reshape and reinvent often because the employee requirements are evolving every year. For 2019, digitally-savvy workforce combined with changing work environment would be the top determining factor for a strategic rethink.

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